The Original Calming Bed For Lil’ Cuties

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The Original Calming Bed for Lil’ Cuties is just the right size for small breeds like Shih Tzus, pugs, and Cavalier King Charles spaniels. Select the shade that suits your little one and get ready to give your pup the perfect custom bed.

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Comes with a free calming playlist for your pup! Your purchase includes access to a music library designed to help your dog relax.


Small dogs experience a unique set of emotional and physical issues.

From heightened anxiety levels to wobbly kneecaps and a decreased tolerance for cold, your small breed dog faces a unique variety of problems.

Small breed dogs tend to feel more anxious and exhibit more aggression compared to big breeds. If your lil’ cutie trembles when friends come to visit or hides under the bed during thunderstorms, she’s exhibiting signs of fear and anxiety.

Small breed dogs are also prone to a painful joint condition called patellar luxation, which causes their kneecaps to move out of place. And even if they don’t have any anxiety or pain, small dogs tend to be sensitive to cold, meaning that winter weather can make them shivery and uncomfortable.

Small dogs experience a unique set of emotional and physical issues.
The Original Calming Bed helps to keep your dog warm and supported no matter what.

The Original Calming Bed helps to keep your dog warm and supported no matter what.

For cold days and hours spent alone, the Original Calming Bed is designed to help anxious dogs feel safe and secure.

For dogs with anxiety, the bed’s supportive body and vegan faux fur cover are warm, soft, and snuggle-able, giving them a place to go when they’re stressed or scared.

Its ergonomic design is focused on alleviating aches and helping your dog feel supported, making it an excellent choice for small dogs dealing with achy joints or conditions like patellar luxation.

Whether your dog deals with separation anxiety, is scared of thunderstorms, or just needs a place to put up their paws, the Original Calming Bed is a refuge of comfort day after day.


SizeOuter DiameterInner Diameter
XS40cm / 15”30cm / 12”
S50cm / 20”30cm / 12”
M70cm / 26.7”40cm / 15”
M+70cm / 27.6”40cm / 15”
L100cm / 39.4”80cm / 32”
XL120cm / 47”80cm / 32”
XXL120cm / 47”80cm / 32”

With four sizes to choose from, there’s an Original Calming Bed for just about every pup. We’ve provided a few guidelines to help you get the right fit. Pay close attention to the size chart and your dog’s measurements to ensure that you get the bed that’s right for them.


Use this measurement method to get the perfect fit:

  • Measure your dog from the base of their tail to the tip of their nose.
  • Add approx. 4" / 10CM to that measurement. Write this number down.
  • Select a bed with an outer diameter that’s equal to or larger than the number you wrote down.
  • If you’re not sure how big your dog’s bed should be based on this method, we recommend sizing up. This ensures that your dog has plenty of snuggle space in their Original Calming Bed.




The bed’s lofty fill and round design create a protective environment, while its vegan shag fur cover mimics the feel of a mother dog’s coat. This soothing design makes it perfect for dogs with separation anxiety and stress.


By relieving muscle aches, reducing stress, and providing a warm, cozy environment, the Original Calming Bed™ may promote deeper, more restorative sleep.


Your dog can check their aches and pains at the door thanks to the Original Calming Bed™’s ultra-light fill and supportive bolstered walls.


The Original Calming Bed™ is made from durable, 100% dog-safe materials. The bed is covered in vegan nylon fur and filled with soft polyester fiber, which maintains its loft up to 3X longer than the competition. The bottom of the bed is waterproof to prevent any messes from reaching your floor.


The bed is washer-and-dryer-safe for effortless care. Machine wash on a gentle cycle and tumble dry on low heat.