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{{customer_first_name}}, Before you go… here is an important message that will reduce your pet’s anxiety and improve the digestive health.

Order this amazing and fun Slow Feeder Trio today with your dog’s Original Calming Bed and save 50% off the original price!

In this special offer, your dog will receive:
  • Snuffle Mat/Bowl: This environmentally friendly mat will sharpen your dog’s sniffer and bring out their natural search and find abilities by allowing them to root around beneath the soft, felt cloth to find hidden treats. You can even adjust the mat with the drawstring to change it from open and flat into a bowl shape. The bottom is non-slip to keep it in place and it can be easily hand-washed and air-dried. Your dog will have a wagging good time, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re not eating too fast. An added plus is it’s fun to watch!
  • Interactive Puzzle Feeder: Slow down your dog’s eating while at the same time teaching them some new tricks! They’ll learn to seek and find their food by moving and sliding the plastic puzzle pieces to access the hiding places to find their reward. Even when they learn the tricks, the design keeps them from eating too fast because they still have to play the game to find the hidden goodies! The non-slip bottom keeps it in place as they play.
  • Spiral Slow Feeder: With its unique and fun spiral design, this feeder will allow your dog time to search out their food slowly while their instinct takes over. You can use it with wet or dry food because it’s easy to clean and made from only pet-safe materials! The non-slip base will keep it from moving around as your dog nuzzles and works out how to find his or her food.

Loving our pets comes naturally, which is why we always want what’s best for them.

However, when it comes to feeding, sometimes issues arise when our dogs are very food motivated and eat too fast, which can cause concerns such as bloat, choking, and other digestive problems that can occur when they gobble their food.

You’ve probably even tried rationing their food in small portions to slow them down, only to have a frustrated pooch that’s still eating even those smaller portions too fast.

What’s a pet parent to do? Surely there must be something that work… And there is!

What Customers Have To Say About Dog Slow Feeders
Snuffle Mat for the WIN!
Jessica on Sep 20, 2020

My dog can not be anymore obsessed with this snuffle mat! Scout has a tendency when we go for walks to sniff out anything and everything he can. I always said he was like a truffle pig. This mat gives me peace of mind that he’s only sniffing out dog treats and not poisonous berry’s. This mat entertains Scout and even when he has found all the treats he will go back and look for more. Great way to keep him busy but also give his brain a little work out!

Spiral slow feeder - highly recommended for problem fast eaters.
Rick on Nov 04, 2020

Sturdy and solid, weighty plastic material with grippy base doesn’t slip about too much in use. For our black lab who used to gulp food so fast she occasionally brought it straight back then ate it again – half was often gone before the bowl hit the floor.
In an open bowl she would eat approx. a mug full of slightly moist ‘dry’ food in 15 – 20 seconds. Now it takes her 3 minutes and she is at it non stop. We like to think she now enjoys her food more as she is eating if for longer and probably has time to taste it.
Its a bit fiddly to clean by hand due to the shape but after all that is the point of it.

If you love and care for your dog - invest in puzzles!
Kathleen on Jan 10, 2021

This is a fun little activity that keeps by very high-energy lab/pitt mix very busy! We put pieces of food along with little pieces of cheese in it and he loves pushing the pieces around with his nose or paw to get to the pieces. I highly recommend this!

Does the job perfectly.
Robin on Apr 14, 2021

Our pooch is completely food obsessed and he would gobble down his food in seconds. This has slowed him down considerably, I timed him at 7 minutes. It also seems to stop him going into a “feeding frenzy” after eating as he stays with the bowl and makes sure he has got every last piece of his food.
Overall very happy. It also appears to be very good quality and doesn’t look like it would break easily. Recommended.